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ThiCo Create Book Image.jpgs webinar shows you how to get others to invest their time and effort in your organization’s success… and what you need to offer them in return. Co-creation is about creating market gravity that pulls customers, employees, and talent towards your company. Co-creation fosters brand influence that leads others to engage in actions and attitudes that lift your business and its offerings. It changes your position from keeping up with market changes to leading innovation. But…Co-creation only works when both sides reduce their self-interest. This doesn’t mean anyone forgets their self-interest; it means all parties believe they are stronger together.

Please dial in (phone) and log in (computer) at least 10 min in advance of the session, so we can review the handouts and begin promptly at 3 PM EST / Noon PT. Thank you.


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David Nour, CEO Nour Group

Key Information

Join Relationship Economics® expert, advisor, speaker, and best-selling author David Nour, as he introduces us to his newest book, Co-Create.
In this 60-minute webinar, he’ll share key insights from
interviews with 100 senior executives, case studies from client engagements,
and social science research on how to evolve – as an individual, a team,
and an organization through few, strategic relationships.