Bulk "Co-Create" Book Purchase Details

Co-Create was written to be a practical, pragmatic, conversation enabler within teams and organization. You can apply the key ideas in the book, such as listening louder, adaptive innovation, or strategy visualization to new heights within your organization, by getting a broader audience involved and engaged in the conversation. That’s why we’ve partnered with several bulk-purchase partners to offer several unique services to help you customize the learning and development opportunity within your organization. 

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Option 1: Click on any of the providers below

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Option 2: If you'd like to customize your bulk book purchase, email David at  [email protected]

  • 25-99 Books - Any free customization including signed bookplates, your logo on the cover, or a wrap around each book with their logos, logos of sponsors, etc.
  • 100-250 Books - 30 Min Executive or Team Coaching Call
  • 250-499 Books - 60 Min Webinar or Presentation
  • 500-999 Books - 60 Min Co-Create Keynote
  • 1000-1499 Books - Half-Day Co-Create Workshop
  • 1500+ Books - Full-Day Co-Create Workshop + Strategy Visualization Rough Concept