"Co-Create" Webinars 

Starting March 21st to May 8th, we will be having LIVE webinars before the launch of my highly anticipated book, "Co-Create". Learn more, sign up or watch recordings below!


Session One: Introduction to Co-Create

Tues, 3/21/17: 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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This webinar shows you how to get others to invest their time and effort in your organization’s success… and what you need to offer them in return. Co-creation is about creating market gravity that pulls customers, employees, and talent towards your company. Co-creation fosters brand influence that leads others to engage in actions and attitudes that lift your business and its offerings. It changes your position from keeping up with market changes to leading innovation. But…Co-creation only works when both sides reduce their self-interest. This doesn’t mean anyone forgets their self-interest; it means all parties believe they are stronger together.

Join Relationship Economics® expert, advisor, speaker, and best-selling author David Nour, as he introduces us to his newest book, Co-Create. In this 60-minute webinar, he’ll share key insights from interviews with 100 senior executives, case studies from client engagements, and social science research on how to evolve – as an individual, a team, and an organization through few, strategic relationships.

Please dial in (phone) and log in (computer) at least 10 min in advance of the session, so we can review the handouts and begin promptly at 3 PM ET / Noon PT. Thank you.



Session Two: The Co-Create Introspection

Tues, 3/28/17, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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Co-creation requires you to look at the world differently, through a lens of shared interests rather than your interests alone. This is not a natural perspective for executives used to fierce competition, and it requires introspection. Only when you step back will you be able to understand how to literally join forces with others to disrupt yourself. Of course, the point isn’t to tear down what you have built; it is to build something better, stronger, and more resilient. Join us for 60 minutes of fresh thinking, unique perspectives, and practical, pragmatic insights on how to think and lead differently about the evolution of your team and organization. After all, shouldn’t Contextual Intelligence be the primary developmental opportunity of your leadership bench in the next decade?



Session Three:
Co-Create Together: Adaptive Innovation

Thursday, 4/6, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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Only when you listen louder will you be able to detect faint market signals critical to the evolution of your unique value. These hidden gems of market opportunities are often revealed via your signal scouts, but only if you feed and nurture them, validate critical assumptions about real signals vs. market noise, and deploy pilots and prototypes to test your decisions. You’ll also learn how to leverage needs-based segmentation and create experience journeys.



Session Four:
Co-Create Strategic Relationships

Tuesday, 4/11, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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In our “Chaos Economy” (FastCompany,) where your brand identity is beyond your control, every organizational function must evolve. You must reconsider your strategic relationships across every function of your business…from your perceptions of the role of marketing, to how sales teams go to market and are measured, to your talent agenda in engaging the next generation of your workforce, to positioning and delivery of professional services. Using client engagements in strategy visualization at Hilton, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, and KPMG, we’ll review why strategic relationships are fundamental to your co-creation success.



Session Five:
Co-Create: Customer Experiences

Thurs, 4/20, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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Companies that consistently create exceptional customer experiences set themselves apart from their competitive peers. In the Co-Create economy, brands are a guest in their customer’s journey. This reverse perspective is critical if you’re to truly understand how customers think, what motivates them, why they buy, how they’ll apply their perceived value received, and why they constantly return to evaluate. In this session, we’ll review the six-unique customer experience journey stages, and the critical attention that needs to be paid to retention in the Jerry Maguire business model. David will also introduce needs-based segmentation and its forward-looking insights in helping you anticipate what your customer will need next.



Session Six: Co-Create Ahead:
Leading Through Provocation

Tuesday, 4/25, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

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What does the Hollywood Talent Model has to do with the evolution of your business? They’ve been leveraging the so-called “gig economy” model for years. What’s important for you to understand is that in any evolution – of an individual, a team or an organization - certain ingredients are critical: passion, evangelism, new organizational structures, reporting dynamics, and purposeful, provocative leadership. In this session, we’ll discuss the mindset of a balanced approach between organizational learning and performance metrics, prudent risk taking, embracing the fear of failing to learn and grow in the process of nurturing a relationship-centric culture. David will use examples such as Kevin Plank at Under Armour to illustrate the evolution of a great brand – from just athletic clothing to massive tech acquisitions to nurture digital communities.



Session Seven:
Co-Create Upward: The Spiral of Growth

Tuesday, 5/3, 3 PM ET / Noon PT


Your financial results, survey results, and employee performance reviews are all lagging indicators. When you use them to lead, you are driving while looking in your rearview mirror… instead of concentrating on the road ahead. A better way to success-proof your future is to start gauging leading drivers. This will enable you to make strategic decisions with more agility and nimbleness. Insights such as sentiment analysis, reputation, and engagement are all examples of key performance drivers that will help you anticipate and respond to your relationships’ impending needs. Evolutionary performance dashboards and SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud - all have unique roles to play in your evolution.



Session Eight: Co-Create: Creating Exceptional Experiences and Organizations

Monday, May 8, 3 PM ET / Noon PT

Watch: Creating Exceptional Experiences and Organizations

We’ll celebrate the launch of Co-Create with this final session focused on a better understanding of what the ever-increasing customer expectations mean for organizations. David will share unique insights from his consulting work on how specific technologies are disrupting organizations, as well as giving them unique tools to respond to that disruption. He will discuss why Cognitive Computing is the next major revolution. With Gartner predicting over 20 billion devices will be network connected by 2020, you will learn why the maturation of the IoT opportunity will require great investment, partnerships, and innovation. These technologies are fundamental enhancers of the Co-Creation economy.

David Nour is the author of ten books including his new book, Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration (St. Martin's Press, May 9, 2017). He is a popular speaker and a trusted advisor to many leading companies.